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Ms and Mr. Little Piggy-Wiggy

Okay, so, How to start this story off... My boyfriend and I had moved from his parents house into a different town, and location. With our three roommates (Now just one, but we have allot of roommates) Before we had moved into the house we are … [Read More...]

The Collector

We didn't notice roommate's hoarding problem right away because she has, by far, the largest room. She subtly 'contributed' furniture to the household. Bookcases, end tables (5 of them!) an old desk. Then stored excess stuff from her bedroom on and … [Read More...]

Princess Nightmare In the Kitchen

I live in a four bedroom house, but after our 4th left we had an empty room. Come november, one roommate suggested a friend of his to live with us because she didn't like living all alone and it lowers our rent to have all rooms filled. This girl … [Read More...]

Fat and lazy spoiled brat…

Me and my roommate...get...along...in most cases. If I wasn't her roommate, I'd like her... I've lived with her for about only seven months, and let's just say, I hate that this is my first college experience. When I first moved into dorms on … [Read More...]

The Habitual Liar, Thief and Bitch

I swear I attract the worst people to live with, and I have thought maybe it's me but it's really not. So this girl is all around a filthy, immature, evil dirty little bitch. She purposely pees everywhere, steals, has her boyfriend come over to … [Read More...]

Crazy Horder

Me and my boyfriend knew a girl who was moving out of her apartment, after being cheated on and we thought it would be nice to help her out for a few months. Soon after the problems started. I shall call her MP. Now our apartment is not small at … [Read More...]

We had a yeller

I've had about a dozen roommates, and have been exceedingly lucky with them. I've only had 2 bad ones. One was a 19-year old kid who worked a late shift and liked to party a lot since this was the first time he was out of the house. It was his … [Read More...]

Couch peeier

My last roommate constantly had friends crash at our place. I would wake up early to go to work and have to crawl over bodies sleeping on my living room floor. They would usually be up until 5 am partying...which was lovely since I had to work in … [Read More...]


Last year, "Chico" and I were barely a month into living in our (not-quite) 2-bedroom digs on Q Street when he sat me down one day for a little man-to-man chat. He proceeded to explain to me that the sober life just wasn't for him and that he'd like … [Read More...]


I've had my share of doozies. Like the one who left 2 days before the 2nd month of rent was due without notice, and who hadn't paid the first as it turns out, plus she'd borrowed my car and got a parking ticket and told me all about her fecal … [Read More...]